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Monday, March 03, 2008

Biztalk Operational Guide Released !!

i'm very excited about this new operational guide that was released a couple of weeks ago, it's really a must read for any Biztalk developer/administrator, it covers all the topics related to deployment, management and monitoring aspects of any Biztalk implemenation.

i have seen many customers who have deployed Biztalk but for some reason has missed on having a concrete strategy for the versioning/management and monitoring parts of the solution. the operational guide sheds the light over a lot of these issues that need to be tackled on any production environment.

you can find it here .

The guide can be downloaded from here:


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Noha Mahmoud said...

Hello Eng. Ahmed

i'm just commenting on the EDC 2008 session real world SOA solutions, it was full of info and made me understand a lot of things, so keep up the excellent work !!! ;)

i've a small request & i'll be grateful if you'd answer it, i need this presentation slides for an illustration proposes only.