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Monday, January 21, 2008

configuring MS DTC service on virtual images

i was trying to build a biztalk lab today and i was basically connecting a couple of virtual images on a virtual server and trying to assign a Biztalk Role for each image, i ran into the standard MSDTC settings that you have to manage with Biztalk, which entails a couple of standard steps,,, after doing everything , the MS DTC didn't work !!! .. it said that the machines have the same identifier and therefore the DTC won't work, it seems that both images were a clone from each other !!

i had to unistall and insall the MS DTC on the main server and it worked after that like a charm : )

P.S: you will have to reboot the machine after you uninstall the MSDTC service using the msdtc.exe -uninstall

Cheers :)


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