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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tips : Consuming Orchestrations as WebService

as i promised those who attended my training last Thursday, i'd post the issue that we faced together and the solution we found during consuming Orchestrations exposed as Webservices from infopath.

it started with the event viewer throwing an exception that the "NT Service Account" doesn't have privileges to access the Biztalk Database and we found another entry about the "Isolated Host" user doesn't have privileges to register the SOAP receive port.

well, the solution was simple, basically, when you expose an orchestration as a webservice, the wizard automatically creates the webservice with it's code for you. however, when you try to call this webservice, from a client like InfoPath, the AppPool under which this site runs normally uses the default NT System Service account, all what you need to do is to assign a different identity for that AppPool that has privilege to access the SQL Database.

also you need to do the same for the user running the Isolated Biztalk Host Instance.

That's it :)

Cheers :)

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