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Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Deep Technical Biztalk Training

last Wednesday i have started a deep technical training on Biztalk 2006, the training took place at ITWorx and was attended by more than 25 different software developers from different seniority levels,

we had open discussions all through the two days plus many comprehensive demos, most of the attendees had little or no idea about Biztalk so we started by discussing the feasibility of building enterprise integration software, we went through the possible design alternatives for building such application, everyone started recommending components in such a solution.

the design proposed by the attendees included a messaging component, business rules component, and different "agents" to handle different communication protocols :)

then we started to map the proposed design by everyone to the actual Biztalk Components, realizing that BizTalk Does all this "out-of-the-box" .. i believe this helped the attendees a lot in realizing what exactly BizTalk does. :)

these sessions were video taped , i'll try to do my best to get these videos and post them here.

for those who attended the session, please feel free to drop by and send me your feedback. :) , i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i did.

Cheers :)

Ahmed Farrag

1 comment:

Ayman said...

Hello Ahmed,

I really enjoyed the last two days a lot and looking forward for the other remaining days.

BTW, don't forget to post the error we had regarding publishing the orchestration as a web service and it's solution as you promised :)