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Monday, August 20, 2007

ESB CTP 3 UddiPublisher Error

i have been playing around with the ESB CTP 3 and i found the following error when trying to run the "PreProcessingCORE.vbs" ,, it started by creating the Virtual directory and then stopped at the step of running the uddipublisher project giving the following exception

"Error Creating UDDI Entries... Class:Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDI.UddiClient Method: Void .ctor : Exception: System.ServiceModle.FaultException'1[uddiorg.api_v2.dispositionReport]: "

the error is clearly an authentication error, so after trying several options for a while, i discovered that the error was in the Uddi publisher settings, the user name must be defined as /.

Cheers :)

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