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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Calling .NET Assembly from Biztalk Server 2006 Orchestration

I have working for a while on multiple Biztalk Server project and I have also recently delivered a workshop on this great product,,

I have decided to share the samples I have made during the workshop for those who are interested in learning this product.

one of the these samples shows how to call .NET assembly from an orchestration, all you have to do is simple, declare a variable and choose it's type to be from the class you created, initialize this file and then call it's method,,, !!! Very simple, isn't it.. ?

the class has to be a "serializable" class since all the objects in Biztalk are XML objects,

to download the complete application with source code Click here

have a nice time Biztalking :)



harry said...

Hello Ahmed, the link is not working. Could you plz give me the proper link to download your sample.

Anonymous said...

Link is not working... can you please update it ...

Anonymous said...

Broken link

Anonymous said...

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